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Article submission guidelines

Scientific paper must have the following structure:

1. UDC identifier

2. Title (centered, full-out, capital letters)

3. Full name of authors (centered, full-out)

4. Science degree, position (centered, full-out)

5. Full name of the organization (university) (centered, full-out)

6. Country, city

7. Abstract (in italics)

Abstract includes characteristics of the main theme, problems of the object, purposes of the work and its results. In abstract one indicates what new things are in the article in comparison with other articles with related topics and purpose. It is not recommended to quote from the article. Recommended average volume of abstract is 500 typographical units (GOST 7.9-95 System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing).

8. Keywords (4-9 words) (in italics)

9. Text of the article

Text of scientific article should be written in MS Word, A4, GOST 9327-60, Times New Roman, 14 pt. Line spacing is 1,5.

Additional requirements for preparation of scientific article:

- MS Word Format
- Margins: upper and lower - 2 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 1,5 cm
- Paragraph indention – 1,25
- Breadthways text justification
- Pages are not numbered
- Numbering of formulas is on the right side of formula parenthetically

10. List of references is executed in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008 and listed at the end of the article in alphabetical order. Sources in foreign languages ​​are after the sources in Russian. 
All paginal footnotes are at the end of the article in the form of the application list.

All figures, photos, diagrams should be placed in articles in high quality, in black-and-white color since the black-and-white printing is used. By the authors request, publication of the article in color is possible.

In case of your article is in English, you should add the article’s name, full name
of the author (-s), facts about the authors, abstract and keywords in Russian.

The text uniqueness should not be less than 80 %.